About Us

Car Wash in West Mambalam

The Automates Car Care Store is a place where technology, people and "car care" converge. This is where you, a car owner will appreciate the tremendous power of technology and Automates's great beliefs in human connect.

  • Meguiars exclusive outlet in Tamilnadu & 5+ Years Old.
  • More than 100 Years old & Brand from USA.
  • 5000 Happy Customers & growing strong.
  • Most trusted brand in the Locality.
  • Located in Prime Location.

While we pride ourselves in the science that goes into development of each of the products used at a Automates Car Care Store,

it is also our endeavor to ensure that our customers understand our varied range of services with utmost detail. This could be in the form of what products we use at these stores, what process we adopt or even the chemistry and the physical science behind what makes Automates products work so well. So when you visit a Automates Car Care Store, you would meet an enthusiastic store manager who loves what he does and will sometimes go overboard in explaining what wonders Automates products can do on your car.

He will take you through our range of services that can transform your car to look like it’s just walked out of a showroom.

When you do happen to pick one of the several Automates car treatments, you can relax in the customer lounge and see your car getting transformed into a beauty. You have the option of reading, watching your favorite TV channel or working on your computer in a Wi-Fi enabled environment while you sip a cup of coffee.

Of course, the store manager would be around if you wish him to discuss with him about how you can "Keep Your Car Looking New".

Car Wash in Mambalam, Chennai

Car Wash in Mambalam, Chennai believes that a sustainable ecologically sound business is possible. We wanted to develop a car wash service that will not only give the best value to our customers but also to the environment. With the introduction of a revolutionary Eco Friendly Car Care Solution that not only clean but protect your car from harmful elements, we finally realize our dream. We use High Quality / High Performance Car Care Product which is at the cutting edge of “Green” Technology.

We treat your car as if it were our own! Our personalized service is not just your regular car wash. In today’s busy lifestyle and economy, breath easier in knowing that your car is being taken care of and your paying a lot less for more! ! We save you time, energy, money, fuel, and WATER.