Car Underbody

  • A car's underbody is exposed to the most wear and tear. And because it's not in plain sight, we often do not see the damage caused by muddy water, potholed roads, stones and other obstacles on the road. In addition, bad climatic conditions like humidity and rain also cause the car’s underbody to rust.

    Damage to the underbody is also caused by flying stones and chips, that dent the under chassis and scrape off the protective paint coating. This leads to rust and corrosion. Rust is the single biggest enemy of all cars. It weakens the body of the car, causes squeaks and noises, and is prone to get damaged faster.

    The one proven solution to all these worries is 3M Underbody Treatment. This treatment uses 3M Body Schutz/Undershield, which is a hard coating on the underbody of the car. It is fast-drying, paintable, rubberized, non-toxic and chip-resistant. It effectively resists corrosion by forming a full film coating on the under chassis that resists abrasion and adheres well to metal or painted surfaces. It helps seal out dust, acts as a chip-resistant coating and also offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion by providing a continuous film, free of pores. The dried film has good abrasion resistance and doesn’t sag or flow even at 100˚C.

    Shield your car's underbody from wear and tear

    Keep the underbody of your car free from rust and corrosion with 3M Underbody Treatments. 3M offers you a long term solution for issues related to corrosion and rust.

    It shields the underbody of your car from the effects of water and grime. It minimizes sound from underneath the vehicle, insulates against the heat and cold, while preventing chipping due to stones.

    Long term rust-proofing of the car’s underbody.

    Ensures a noiseless and smoother driving experience.

    Keeps the coated area of the vehicle from chipping, on friction with stones or sharp objects on the road